witch-girlAvailable for art commissions!

Fan Art: $4

Original Characters (mine or yours): $5

Either of the above, colored: $8

Portraits, any format: $6 (after all, it takes up your time too!)

Graphic novel/Manga pages: $10 per page if you provide me with a script; $15 if all I have to work with is “So-and-so characters, doing such-and-such”.

goblin mebbeI sometimes do a manga-style, other times more realistic. It’s up to you.

Just comment/email me with your mailing address. I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on progress. The comment won’t necessarily appear on the page, especially if you include your information- but I’ll read it. I just don’t want anyone to get spammed.

Remember: If you don’t like the result, you keep the cash, I keep the art!


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