Session One (Máire)

Raosday, Jalas 17th. Festival of Spring Dawning.

Question one! You’re starting in southwest Arvea. What’s your immediate destination?

Calda: A village to the east. There have been recent rumors of some trouble.


As you step onto the packed earth of the road, you take a final look back at your home, where the festival of Spring Dawning is still going, and likely will continue long after the sun goes down. It was nice enough, as such places go; but too small for you, now. Even the one who taught you magic agreed on that.

Your feet tread in the footsteps of all those who have stepped onto the road before- some swept away by the lure of adventure; some, world-weary, returning home; many a tinker, hoping to make a profit.

Soon enough, as the standards of the world run, you have passed from the plains and fields, the trees of the forest beginning to rise around you. Branches arch over the path, and moss grows in from the edges.

Soon, the sky is darkened as gray clouds move in, the forest’s branches not quite protecting you from the rain. Still, you aren’t really in a hurry; it wouldn’t hurt to mosey on through the afternoon. The trip is largely uneventful for the next few hours.

You hear a bit of rustling and muffled arguing in the forest to the right. A band of goblins- well, three, which is enough to play at a folk festival. You could fight them. Or, since you saw them first, you could hide and hope they pass by.


(Make a perception check.

20. Not even kidding. 3 is a crapload of goblins for a lvl 1 female wizard, qualifies as a band. It is not in my nature to hide. I will fight and immediately try to sneak attack them with the thunder attack spell.

Alright. I’d say roll initiative, but you’ve surprised them.

okay so I roll for failure then damage right?

Yeah, start with rolling for spell failure.

Only got a 9. Before modifiers. 

You pass. It’s not a very high DC.)

So they are pretty messed up now right?

The thunderwave throws all three goblins back, and emits rather a loud boom. The first goblin is impaled, which is impressive considering he got thrown into a blueberry bush.

The second goblin sits up after he gets thrown back. He looks like he’s gonna shake it off for a second. Then he starts bleeding out his ears.

Goblin three… Well, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Or ever; if the shockwave hadn’t killed him, getting thrown into the tree would have.

{That’ll net you 150 XP and 3 gold pieces. Not so hard, eh?}

Máire stares at the bodies for a while, battling a minor crisis of conscience; but eventually decides her assumption that they were out to rob and pillage was valid. She does decide to talk it out first with anyone that isn’t as predictably evil.

(Máire’s player: Was I supposed to kill them or were they non hostile and I’m now a crazed murderer.

DM: Eh. They’re goblins. I’m not sure anybody cares, really. If they were humanoid and/or not members of a race known for being evil, you might want to try talking it out first.

Good point. So my assumption that they were there to rob and pillage was valid.

Pretty safe bet, yeah.

Let’s just pretend this was a minor moral dilemma I had after killing and not a convo with the DM.

Works for me.)


The trail continues straight and clear for a long while, and in fact you nearly start to get bored. That changes quickly when you reach the bridge.

Or, rather, the spot where there ought to be a bridge.

The river rushes past, wide and clear; not so wide that you can’t cross it by yourself, but it might take some work.

[Rolls a 10]

Okay, you do manage to make it across the river, but it was definitely a struggle. You’re soaking wet (obviously) and panting, but you’re on the bank. Currently there’s a single wooden post on this side, where the bridge should have been. You’re pretty sure it’s laughing at you, in a wood-ish way.

The journey is almost over, though; you almost imagine you can smell the cookfires in Calda already.

Apparently not, as it takes you at least another hour to get there, but wishful thinking is a wonderful motivator. But you emerge from the trees only slightly the worse for wear. A large cleared area of trees encircles a few fields, in the middle of which is a village, surrounded by a wooden palisade.

(Let’s roll a d8 on your way to the guard at the gate, see what sort of mood you might arrive in.)

The rain that started in the middle of the trip did discourage you a bit, but as you remember your battle with the goblins and, yes, even your fording of the river, your spirits are lifted. After all, this was what adventuring was like in the stories. You’re definitely on your way.


Now, as the sun isn’t quite set yet, you’ve got a couple of choices- 1.) find a warm bed for the night, or at least a warm hearth; or 2.) seek an audience with whoever’s in charge of the village, to see if you can help out with their problem.


#1 Makes more sense than talking to the big cheese while I am exhausted from spellcasting and rain and cold. I’ll hardly impress the chieftain wet and bedraggled.


Okay. So, despite your bedraggled appearance, your smile is infectious, and the gate guard grins right back.
[We called it a night here, since it was three in the morning.]