Session Three- The Free Venturer, pt. 1

As Ren, Astra, and Proctor’s pitifully unequipped rowboat flips over in the storm, a ship looms out of the rain. A line drops down into the water.
“Need a lift?” Calls a voice.
As Ren and Astra clamber aboard the ship, soaked to the skin and coughing up water, the owner of the voice walks over to them. He is a human with black hair, and wears a green coat. He helps pull Proctor aboard, and the dwarf then passes out atop a tangle of ropes due to exhaustion and breathing in too much water.
“Hey, welcome aboard the Free Venturer,” he says. “I’m the captain. The name’s Corian Duskfire. Oh, and that’ll be ten gold for rescue fees.”

Corian Duskfire
Before anyone can make a move, a black ship with black sails slams into the side of the Free Venturer, and they throw over boarding hooks. A boarding party of ten men and women swing over- head kerchiefs, eyepatches, flamboyant coats, absurd boots, the works.
They’re obviously pirates, and one of them is holding up a poster. It has the words ‘Wanted for Smuggling’ on it, above a sketch of Corian.
And they don’t look like they want prisoners.
They just want heads.
“Aw, crap. I knew that bounty would come back to bite me,” Corian mutters, swiveling and running toward his cabin.
A high elf strode toward the pirates and the two conscious rescuees.
Ixyldir: “Pirates aren’t friends. And it occurs to me there’s nowhere to run on a boat in the ocean. Seems the good captain has left us to handle this… problem.”
[We had a bit of a break here, as I had to go eat dinner]
Ixyldir: We’ve been staring down these pirates for quite a while, is this how combat works here? Are we winning or losing?
Ren: I think we’re losing. I just blinked.
Ixyldir: Then I guess its right about time we changed that.
Astra casts faerie fire on the pirate leader and the area around her, lining the pirates in enchanted violet flame.
One of the four Elf pirates swung a longsword at Ixyldir, missing horribly. Another Elf fired a crossbow at Astra, the bolt grazing her shoulder.
Corian (NPC): “Have no fear! The captain is here!”
Corian jumps in, looking slightly absurd in a very pirate-y red coat. “This is my ship, I might as well help.”
Ixyldir: Oh great, it’s a rhyming captain. At least he’s helping now.
Corian sticks his tongue out at Ixyldir. Taking advantage of the distraction, the third elf attacks the druid, missing completely.
Ixyldir: Hah, I didn’t realize pirates needed glasses.
One of Corian’s crewmen glares at the druid from behind his lenses, then goes back to fending off other pirates at the other end of the ship.

The last elf attacks Ren, slicing a gash on his arm.
Ren: Hey, that wasn’t very nice!
Ren sort of dodges away in case of another attack, and slides behind a mast. And accidentally slides down the stairs as well. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”
The pirate leader glares at those who remain on the upper deck. “Stop resisting and give up! We just want to take your heads for the bounty, is that so hard to ask?”
Ixyldir: I’ll be quite honest, I’ve begun to feel rather attached to my head of late.
Corian (NPC): Aye! We’re not giving up just yet! Mostly because I like my head where it is, thank you.
The pirate leader shakes her head angrily and fires at Astra with her crossbow, putting a gash on her other shoulder. Astra wobbled.
Ixyldir: Astra isn’t looking the healthiest. Fortunately, I think I can put together a good heal.
The first of the human pirates attacks Corian with a scimitar, slicing down his arm.

[At this point, Ixyldir’s player had to sign off, so we stopped the session here]

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