Session Five- Relaxation


Ixyldir: Should someone get Proctor medical attention?

Vin: Aye, we should get him to a bed or something at least.

Corian: Come with me, mates, least I can do.

Ixyldir: *whispers to Astra and Vin* Do ya think there’ll be food?

Vin: Ooh, I hope so. I’m famished. Swashbuckling takes all the energy out of a girl.

Corian: Hungry? We can fix that.
Astra: Astra nods to lxyldir and Vin, agreeing.

Corian: Okay, we’ll get your pal settled, then we’ll head to the galley.

Corian gestures toward the stairs, then moves to pick up Proctor by the shoulders.

Ixyldir smiles and then runs down the stairs, leaving Corian to carry Proctor

Corian: Rrgh! Mrf. How come someone so short is so heavy??

Astra: Astra approaches Corian, attempting to help carry Proctor, realizing she’s too short to reach.

Vin: I’ve got it. (She grabs Proctor by the feet, and the three of them manhandle him down the stairs.)

Corian leads them (backward) to an empty hammock. “Let’s lift him in here, then we’ll check and make sure the druid hasn’t eaten all our stores.”

In the galley, there’s a small fold-down table with chairs around it. Ixy’s made it there first.

Corian opens a cabinet and pulls out some dried venison, and rice-cakes wrapped in seaweed. “Ship’s rations.”

Astra: Astra walks up behind Corian, smelling at the air, “would we happen to have any fish in there?”

Corian: “What do you think this is, a ship? Hey, wait. Yeah, here’s some.”

Astra: chuckling, she nods, “Point taken.”

Corian: Halibut, or halibut?

Astra: “Well, if there’s enough in there, I’ll take a little bit of halibut. I’m not too hungry, I could hold off for a while.”

Corian: “Well, our ship’s priest has half the men fasting for some obscure holiday or other, so we’ve got plenty.” He gets a bowl of fish, a knife, and some chopsticks, and hands it to Astra.

Meanwhile, Vin has helped herself to three rice cakes and enough venison for a small army.

Astra: nods, taking the bowl and sitting down. With a simple “thank you,” she begins eating.

Ixyldir eats a large quantity of food. Expressing gratitude between mouthfuls

Corian laughs. “It’s a good thing I’m not hungry, or we’d be out of food by this time tomorrow!”

Astra suddenly feels somewhat guilty for taking the fish, and saves the remainder of the bowl for later. “That was fast.”

Corian: “No, miss, that was hyperbole. I’m a swashbuckling pirate captain, exaggeration is part of my job.”

Ixyldir: Well, it doesn’t have to be hyperbole…

Corian: “No, you can’t have my rations. I’ll want them later.”

Ixyldir: *finishing* Alright, so what’s next, do we have to worry about more pirates?

Corian shrugs. “Probably not. It’s a big ocean. Say, how about a celebratory drink? That was some good fighting up there.”

Vin cheers. “Yay! I get to try alcohol again! Last time was fun!”

Ixyldir: Ah, not the biggest fan, got anything a little less… Maybe hot chocolate?

Corian: “Hot what now?”

Astra: “Wait, did I hear alcohol?” her ears perk up, tipping her hat somewhat.

Corian: “Aye, we’ve got red, blue, and green wine. Possibly ale. Also, sake.”

Ixyldir: Alas. [Bummed about no hot cocoa]

Vin: Ooh, wine? What’s wine?

Corian looks askance at her. “You’ve never heard of… did you grow up on an island or something?”

Astra: “Well if she did, it certainly wasn’t an island famous for their wine,” Astra jests. “if it’s alright I’ll try the blue wine, never had that before.”

Corian: “Alright, I’ll go tap one of the barrels in the hold.” He leaves, and comes back with a cup filled with sapphire liquid. He hands it to Astra. “Say, where’s that other fellow, anyway? Ren?”

Vin chokes on her rice, laughing. “He’s busy.”

Astra: takes the glass, “Thanks again.” she sips it, “Reminds me of red clove spice wine, but a bit more mild.” she turns to Vin, “Wait, what joke did I miss?”

[The wine is mild and sweet, not super-alcoholic, and a little spicy.]

Vin winks at Astra. “He asked where Ren was.”

Astra: holds back a laugh, her arm restraining from slapping her knee and potentially shaking her leg and losing wine, “that’s rich.”

Corian stares blankly at the two of them. He leans toward Ixyldir. “Am I missing something here?”

Ixyldir: Well, if you are, then I am too, I just figured he was off with that fella in the cabins, he’s got quite a substantial quantity of mushrooms down there.

Corian: “Who, Necop? Mm. Somehow I don’t think he’s there.” He leans over the table toward the girls. “Okay, spill it.”

Astra: unable to hold back her corny joke, but also not wanting to lose any wine, she comments, “I’d rather not, thanks,” swirling her glass. “Jokes aside, you wanna tell them Vin?”

Vin shrugs. “Not really. It’s nice to be appreciated for who I am once in a while. We’ll tell them eventually.”

Corian, perplexed, shakes his head and drinks from his mug of green wine. “Women…” he mutters.

Ixyldir: Agreed, give me a good book any day.

Corian: Amen.

Vin has her face in her hands, giggling.

Astra: Sips her wine, trying to hold back a smug smile and a laugh at the same time, covering her mouth with her hand after she lowers her glass.

Ixyldir: Anyways. I’m gonna go climb the rigging or something, see the view from that weird tower.

Corian: “It’s called the hawk’s nest. There won’t be a lot to see, though. We won’t hit port for another two or three days.”

Ixyldir: Great. Why did I come on this ship anyways.

Corian shrugs. “How should I know? You paid me.”

Ixyldir: You have a point.

Corian: Although really, why pick a smuggler’s ship?

Ixyldir: Oh, all sorts of reasons, price, privacy, evasion of certain… elements

Corian nods slowly. “Noble reasons.”

Astra: yawns, “do we happen to have sleeping quarters? I’m pretty tired myself.”

Ixyldir: Hah, I’ve got my own cabin. Pays to… Pay.

Corian snorts in amusement at Ixyldir’s statement. “Yeah, we’ve probably got some room.” He looks at Astra and Vin for a moment. “Girls together?”

Astra: chuckles, “as long as I’m not sleeping with the rats, girl rats or otherwise, I’m happy.”

Vin shrugs, grinning amicably.

Corian stands, clapping his hands together. “Right then. Follow me.” He leads the way to a kind-of-cramped cabin with two hammocks. He bows and gestures toward the door. “Ladies, your chambers.”

Astra’s expression was not a displeased one, “well, I always did find small places quite cozy. Hammocks arent half bad either.”

Vin dives into the hammock on the left, curls up, and immediately falls asleep.

Astra jumps into the hammock on the right, shifting somewhat uncomfortably as she can’t pad around the bed like one might expect a cat to, but still managing to fall asleep quickly, not snoring and her presence hardly audible.

Corian, scratching his head under his hat, closes the door and turns to Ixyldir. “You going to sleep too? Or do you want another drink?”

Ixyldir: Thanks, but it’s been a long day, I’m off to sleep, ‘night captain. (Heads down hall to his cabin)

Corian shrugs and heads to the galley. His first mate finds him there at three in the morning, toasting ‘Good friends and companions’, and gets him to the captain’s cabin.
Everyone else has an uneventful night.


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