Session Six- Disembarkation


The sun rose slowly over the ship. A light breeze pushed it onward as the party slowly awakened and moved up on deck.

Ixyldir: *wakes up, does morning stuff, gets bored* Say, that Mothklangg fellows been out of it for quite a few days… *goes to Mothklangg’s cabin, strikes him rather hard with his staff* wake up.

Mothklangg *softly giggles and says “tehee that tickles*

Ixyldir: Hey Astra? D’ya happen to know any lightning magic?

Astra: “Hmm?” she yawns, stretching, “sorry, I don’t, why?”

Vin: falls out of her hammock. “Ow! Rm… Me neither. What’s up?”

Ixyldir: Just trying to wake up this oaf *strikes him again*

Mothklangg– *heeheheheeeehe*

Ixyldir: What was that spell again… Vines?

Ixyldir: I cast Entangle!!

Vines sprout from the floor, twining around Necop. He seems to attempt to remain in place, but the vines prove a little bit stronger, and he’s hurled onto the deck and then overboard with a splash. The others run up on deck to see the aftermath.

Mothklangg– *aehjgjehtgwehgtjhtgjrhtgjerhtgjehgjgsdsghajfgjhgeaaaa* splutters and chokes while treading water.

Vin: cheers. “It worked!”

Ixyldir: were that I had enough energy for Proctor as well.

Mothklangg: Does anyone have some mushrooms?

Astra sighs, her forehead now in her palm, “that was a crude solution, don’t you think?”

Ixyldir: Well, it worked didn’t it?

Mothlangg-the little cat thing is right you know. I could’ve drowned.

Vin: “Oh, be quiet and grab this rope. We’ll pull you up.”

Moth- Where are we? Who are you? *climbs*

Vin: Where? Um… somewhere between Hedicia and Avarenia, I think. I don’t know, I’ve never really left my home island before. As for who… that’s a funny story, actually. Which I find more funny to keep quiet.

Moth- Where are the clothes located on this ship? I need some more pants.

Corian (coming on deck): I’m not sure we have any that would fit you. You’re… rather tall.

Moth- Who’re you?

Corian: Stares at him for a moment. “I’m… the captain. Do you really not… wow. Those are some powerful shrooms…”

Moth- I guess so. I wish I remembered what they looked like so I could keep some on me. Good stuff. *Walks into one of the cabins and rummages around for some kind of cloth or clothing*

Astra’s tail fur bristles, remembering an experience with shrooms that made the visions even worse. Feeling lightheaded she sat down against a wall, trying to forget the experience, and pulling out a flask of sake.

Ixyldir: Captain? How much longer until port?

Corian: looks up at the sun. “I’d say some time this afternoon, if we have any kind of luck at all.”

[(Moth’s player) What do I find in the cabin for clothing?

Well, what’s your opinion on skirts? That’s one of the crewmembers’ cabins. Luckily for you, she’s in the galley right now.]

Moth- *remembers he’s carrying a pirate dragon flag and takes it out of his waterproof pack.* *wraps it around his midriff like a towel after removing his pants*

Vin: looks at Mothklangg for a moment, giggling, then goes into her cabin. She comes back with a pair of pants and a shirt that are, surprisingly, in Moth’s size. “Here.”

Moth- Sorry. I forgot I had my flag. I’m good with that for now.

Vin: raises an eyebrow: “yeah, but we aren’t. What if you trip?”

Moth- That’s your concern. *shrugs* WHO’S STEERING THE SHIP??? *urgently yells*

Ixyldir: Best you wear the clothes…

Corian: “What do you mean, who’s steering the ship? I’m the captain, not the helmsman.”

Moth– Do you see how big this flag is? It’s like a robe. It’s made to fly on a massive ship. Oh my bad. Sorry for yelling. *Sits down sheepishly* I’m hungry. Anyone got any food?

Corian: “We’ve got some stuff in the galley. Not much, just ship’s rations- rice, venison, that sort of thing. I’ll get you some if you put on some actual clothes. Having passengers going around half-naked is bad for ship’s morale.”


Corian sighs. “Fine, you can wear the flag overtop. At least put some pants on. And remember I can always toss you overboard. It’s not hard to rig up a plank.”

Ixyldir: I’ll be happy to help.

Moth- *come at me bro. *Runs to the galley and starts opening cabinets and trying to find food.*

[In the galley, a female crewmember (the one in whose cabin Moth was rummaging) sees the half-naked Mothklangg and starts yelling.

…make a Dexterity check.]

Astra, despite all the ruckus, with a nice mix of sunlight and sake, has begun to take a cat nap curled up in the corner of the deck.

Vin is lying down next to her, staring up at the clouds.

Astra: Being asleep, and having no self consciousness to stop her, purrs softly, feeling the nearby friendly presence.

Corian goes downstairs…just in time to see Mothklangg get hit in the face with with a fast-moving frying pan.

??? (random crewwoman): *shrieking*: “Get out of here, you hunky pervert streaker!”

Corian: “Hmm, someone’s confused about her own opinions.” *sighs* “I’d better get the guy some food, or I’ll have no peace the rest of the voyage…” He goes into the galley and starts tossing chunks of deer jerky at Mothklangg.

Ixyldir: *sits atop the mast reading from his book.*

Moth- *lays down on the floor and eats jerky while rubbing his head.*

The crewwoman leaves the galley and heads back to her quarters.

Vin: Stands up and moves closer to the mast, to avoid waking Astra, then shouts up to the hawk’s nest. “So, Ixyldir, I meant to ask- what sort of stuff can you do, anyway? I don’t know a lot about druidic magic, I grew up on a tiny island with my folks.”

Ixyldir: Well my training is mostly in healing magics, but I’ve got plenty of other abilities, many of which I don’t even know yet.

Vin nods. “I see. Neat!”

(can the ship be getting close to an island now?)

[DM JEFF: I can do better than that. Behold the wondrous Timeskip.]

Soon, the shout of “Land Ho!” comes from the crewman atop the hawk’s nest (who has so far managed to avoid tripping over the sitting Ixyldir). An island slowly comes into view, as the sun begins to slide down from its’ peak. At some point in the meantime, they’ve managed to convince Moth to put on some pants- likely by mentioning the City Guard’s opinion of streakers.

Corian: “Ah, Avarenia! And soon, Avaren. Since that’s where you paid me to drop you off.”

Astra wakes, up, stretching out, then rolling over and staring tiredly at the clouds. “So, we’re pretty much here then?” she says, letting out a yawn.

Corian: “Yup. You all might want to gather your things; the Free Venturer won’t be staying long in port.”

Ixyldir: *closes his book and jumps down excitedly*

[Uh… jumps? From on top of the mast?] yes. Magic.

[Okay, you take four fall damage.] Worth it.

Anyway, we reach the dock and the crew lets down the gangplank.

Moth- grabs his makeshift potato sack backpack* *hops off the boat, runs down the dock and VIGOROUSLY searches for smalls plants on the ground.* (what should I find on the ground?)

[Nothing much, it’s a fairly well-paved (with cobblestones, of course) city. Can I roll a pereception to try and notice anything small on the ground? wait what skill? got it.

Sure. d20+Wis. rolled 11, wisdom is 8 No, it’s 9. -1 to Wisdom checks, so you got a 10. Which means… you don’t find any plants, but you did find a gold coin stuck between some cobbles.]

Vin: pulls her backpack onto her shoulders and heads down to the dock.

Astra looks at her bag, then grinning a bit, without having searched or grabbed anything from anywhere, “I have everything,” she states, patting her bag for emphasis. Still sleepy and behind, she follows Vin and Moth down to the dock.


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