D&D Campaign Journal (Old)

Note: As of 4/22/16, Astra’s player is, sadly, no longer with us. While we may one day move past the grief and continue our story, it may not be likely.

Joey's sketch of Astra





This is where I’ll jam in D&D session transcripts. Cleaned up a bit, though, to eliminate some of the excessively off-topic things, some rules questions, and that sort of thing. I don’t have the first two sessions typed up, but as of the third session we’re doing a play-by-post style game in google docs. I’ll put up the first two when I have them ready.

The menu dropdown from the heading tab should have all the sessions so far.

Player Characters

Ren, my character, a Night Elf who grew up on an island with no friends his age and essentially lets his imaginary friends take over his body now and then. He’s extremely naive, due to his parents not telling him anything about the world to protect him from all the bad stuff.

Vin, one of Ren’s main imaginary friends/alternate personalities. She’s mischevious and spunky, but gets annoyed when people assume she’s just ‘Ren pretending to be a girl’.

Astra, A venthel (halfling-size catfolk) witch who used to live alone in a forest. She saw horrible visions whenever she was sober, so she preferred to remain drunk. She carried a few large flasks of sake for that purpose. Unfortunately, her player has now passed away.

Proctor, a dwarf who was swallowed by an enormous centipede that magically transformed its’ victims into more centipedes. He was cut out of its’ stomach before the transformation finished, so now he has armor plating, mandibles, and insectoid eyes. Due to something called ‘College’, his player is only able to participate intermittently.

Ixyldir, a High Elf Druid. Since the church in this setting is made up mainly of druids, he grew up an acolyte in a temple. He doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with the world outside his temple. Why he left the temple at all is currently a mystery.

Mothklangg, a Goliath with a strange, draconic countenance. He’s a bit of a loose cannon, and has a penchant for smoking odd plants and mushrooms that he finds. But he’s reliable in a pinch. Probably.

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