D&D Campaign Journal

EDIT: Yeah, I stopped running this campaign, too. My dog passed away and I kinda lost interest. I’m working on a new campaign setting at the moment, and with luck I’ll get to run a game in it at some point soon. I’ll leave this up for posterity, though.


Yup, we’re starting a new campaign. But it is very much not in the Moonsea.

I’m calling it the Inner Sea for now, although I’ll probably change the name at some point to avoid confusion with Pathfinder’s setting.

The campaign begins on a peninsula to the northwest, inhabited by the human culture known as the Eirethans. There are also various sorts of elves and dwarves, as well as scattered members of other races.

The peninsula’s primary inspiration is Celtic culture, legends, and mythology.

Since not everyone can play at the same time, I’m running individual solo campaigns for each of them for a while.

Characters so far:

Máire: A 14-year-old human wizard. She’s got dirty blonde hair, with hints of red, that falls a little past her shoulders; blue-violet eyes; and a penchant for stepping into the middle of fights.