Journal Excerpt #1

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

It seems sometimes, especially when one is young, that an Alaskan summer is never really over; that it goes on and on, a neverending continuum from the first Dena’ina fishermen on the wide Kenai river down to the modern young man or woman, hiking home through the woods with the promise of ice cream and a cold drink held before them. As I lie writing this, I am nineteen; old enough to do grown-up things, such as bargain with the Internal Revenue Service or pay for my own gasoline, but young enough that I do not really want to, and would much rather climb a tree, or read a book, or do both at the same time.
It is true, of course, that even when fully an adult, without the ability to call oneself a teen-ager, most people I have met still have little desire to do adult things; they seem more to have ungracefully accepted them as a part of life, something I have never aspired to do.
As another long Alaska summer day draws toward a close, I stare out the window of our old motor home, meditating on life and living. This evening has been the first of three days, in total, spent at the summer camp that my family attends each year. We have been coming for over a decade now, a longer time than any other family, and in fact longer than many members of the staff, a fact which grants me some measure of familiarity and even prestige. I have, on occasion, gone places that no other except some staff members are allowed, and my long history has given me a greater knowledge of the twists and turns of the moose-paths and side trails than most others with whom I speak.
The evening meal was a quiet affair, for the number of camp attendees this year is surprisingly small, but it marked a reunion with an old friend, who like myself spent much of his formative years at this camp. After our repast and pleasant reminiscence, we parted ways, him to organize the staff members in his charge, and I toward the grassy field overlooking the waterfront. There I met two young women, whom I joined in hitting a volleyball back and forth.
The evening’s enjoyment came to an end perhaps a little over an hour later, as the four of us- for another had joined eventually, a young man with even less skill than I- went our separate ways.

Another random forum discovery; small life update.

I found this on the comments on a YouTube video.

why I read youtube comments 1

There are some reasons to read comments. Those rare moments of comedy and/or awesomeness are worth it.

Life Update:

So, at the moment there are three large forest fires burning in the Southcentral section of my state. One of them, which was frighteningly close to our largest population center last I heard, has been declared a Disaster. Of the two on the Peninsula, one is close enough that I can see the smoke- which, admittedly, is akin to saying one is close enough to see the smoke of a volcano. It’s close, but not that close. However, we currently have a number of friends who are closer to it, and waiting to see if they have to evacuate their homes.

We were lucky here last summer with only one big fire, but with these two, well…

Please, those of you who are religious? Pray for the people that might be affected. Those who aren’t? Hope.

To end on a slightly brighter note, the temperature tomorrow is supposed to be between 80 and 90.

I’ve lived my entire life in Alaska.

I’m going to feel like a polar bear in the Sahara.

Lucky I have writing to keep my mind off the heat.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for prayers and hope.

It’s snowing wood!

Well, about twelve spruce trees on our property got knocked down by the abnormally heavy snowfall this winter, so as soon as the snow melts I’m going to have all the HGD members here to 1. help clean up, 2. get some of the wood over to the bonfire area so we can burn it as a celebration of summer, and 3. get together the rest of the wood and add to one of our forts, for which I have a new plan sketched out in my head.

Summer Snow

I got into a discussion the other day (don’t ask me when; I’m not even entirely sure what day today is) about summer and snow. In my opinion, any day that I’ve got time to play outside or hang out with friends- or get on the computer- is summer. I’ve been known to look outside in the middle of December and slowly realize… ‘Wait- it isn’t June??’
I think I was going somewhere with this, but I’ve forgotten where.