Session Four- The Free Venturer, pt. 2


Human pirate two swings at Corian with his scimitar, and Corian trips trying to get away! 7 damage!

Third pirate swings at Ixyldir, but he does it so badly that his sword gets stuck in the deck and he falls over.

His buddy (the fourth) is going to swing at Ixyldir, but the third guy runs into him.

Ixyldir: Ooh, I do love it when that happens, not nearly often enough. Not that I make a habit of picking fights with pirates.

Corian: I do.

Okay, the last pirate is going to attack Corian, but he trips over the other two.

Ixyldir: Blimey these are some uncoordinated pirates, guess they missed their dance lessons.

Corian: I’d say they’re only human, but I’d be insulting my own race.

Okay, Corian’s gonna swing at the Scathen pirate lady. She tries to maneuver away, but has to jump backward over the humans that are collapsed in a heap. So his sword hits her in the shoulder.

Corian: Take that!

Ixyldir: (Casts healing word on Astra) This might help.

Alright, she’s back to 9! Nice.

And now, it’s Astra’s turn

[Astra continues concentrating on her spell]

Alright, I guess that means it’s the Elf Pirates’ turn.

Okay, this is abominable. I’m just gonna share my rolls with you. 3, 9, 17, and 10. That means that one of them hits the target. Out of four.

He attacks Ixyldir, but he doesn’t even hit very hard. Two damage.

And their turn is over. I can only assume the other three tripped over their human buddies. Because no pirate is naturally this incompetent.

Anyway, there’s a clatter in the stairwell that Ren fell down. A flamboyant-looking girl comes running up, in loose pants, a very large floppy hat (with a feather), and what is basically a vest over a crop top.

Vin: Arr, matey, Vin be me name, and… I’m terrible at talking like a pirate. Anyway, let’s get ‘em!

She swings at one of the Elven pirates (the still-standing one), poking him rather severely.

The Scathen pirate lady lunges at Astra. Ooh, ouch, three damage. That’s gonna strip away the healing Ixy gave her. It’s also gonna require Astra to make a concentration check to keep holding onto that spell,

[Rolled a 19.]

Astra’s got some crazy mental control.

I’d have the human pirates attack, but they’re all still busy standing up. Which makes it Corian’s turn. He attacks the Scáthen lady again, and basically stabs through her right arm. Ixy’s turn.

Oh, and remember that Talking is a free action. In other words, feel free to monologue, it does nothing to your available actions.

Ixyldir: Alright whoa whoa whoa, why are we all fighting? Cause you crazy people want our heads, now, that’s all well and good but I really like my head, and I’m sure that my new friends do too, now, can’t you just accept that and sail on to darker waters where no one really wants heads? Much easier, no more of this stabbing each other with swords, no more of me needing to vanquish you with my awesomely powerful druidic magic, just you, and us, and maybe a nice cup of hot chocolate, then we part ways! What do you say?

One of the human pirates: Lady’s Blood, a Druid? He’s a Churchman? No way am I gonna keep fighting!

The Pirate leader: Calm down, all of you. We just want Corian.

Corian: Fat chance, begging your pardon, ma’am. Now… GET OFF MY SHIP!

He kicks her in the sternum, and she flips backward over the rail, barely grabbing onto the raised anchor of her own ship. The pirates are backing away slowly, some of them apologizing to Ixyldir for attacking him.

Ixyldir: No worries mates, happens like twice a week.

As the pirates swing back over, and help their captain back aboard their ship, Vin pipes up.

Vin: Well, that wasn’t any fun. I hardly got to stab anyone at all. I don’t see why Ren even called me out.


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