This is sort of a digital version of my sketchbooks, which I usually fill with random notes, ideas, maps, facts, and sketches. I’ll also put in tips for writing, updates on my novels and movie scripts(s), and thoughts about Live Action Role-Playing (LARP). Enjoy.

…Oh, you wanted to know about me? Okay, here goes…

I’m a vaguely- anonymous young adult from somewhere in middle-earth (although close to Jotunheim) who has an obsession with archaeology, larping, rpgs in general, and otherwise finding excuses to run around in the woods. I find a lot of excuses. I’ve run some larp events for my own group (currently on indefinite hiatus due to recruiting from my age group + people leaving for college), and have a number of unfinished novels I’ll get around to writing more of eventually. I’ve also been told I draw too much. I disagree.


Incidentally, I started this blog when I was like fifteen. Anything I posted more than a couple years ago, I’m just as likely to be leaving up for posterity as out of any actual pride.

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