This is sort of a digital version of my sketchbooks, which I usually fill with random notes, ideas, maps, facts, and sketches. I’ll also put in tips for writing, updates on my novels and movie scripts(s), and thoughts about Live Action Role-Playing (LARP). Enjoy.

…Oh, you wanted to know about me? Okay, here goes…

I’m a vaguely- anonymous young adult from somewhere in middle-earth (although close to Jotunheim) who has an obsession with Archaeology, LARPing, RPGs in general, and otherwise finding excuses to run around in the woods. Since I’ve just graduated high school… I find a lot of excuses. I’ve got my own LARP group, and a number of unfinished novels I’ll get around to writing more of eventually. I’ve also been told I draw too much. I disagree.


Favorite movies: the Librarian movies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, most Disney stuff…
Favorite TV shows: Mork and Mindy, Dungeons and Dragons, Psych, InuYasha, Ranma 1/2, Magnum P.I., MacGuyver, White Collar, Sword Art Online…
Favorite bands / musical artists: Journey, Blackmore’s Night, Children 18:3, Celtic Woman, Walk Off The Earth, Rush, Relient K
Favorite books: Literally anything but horror and overt romance.
Favorite games: Anything Zelda, the Fate computer games, others. And I’m willing to try pretty much any tabletop.
Tools of the Trade: Pencil, paper, sword.
Other Interests: LARP, D&D, hiking, archaeology…

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