Another random forum discovery; small life update.

I found this on the comments on a YouTube video.

why I read youtube comments 1

There are some reasons to read comments. Those rare moments of comedy and/or awesomeness are worth it.

Life Update:

So, at the moment there are three large forest fires burning in the Southcentral section of my state. One of them, which was frighteningly close to our largest population center last I heard, has been declared a Disaster. Of the two on the Peninsula, one is close enough that I can see the smoke- which, admittedly, is akin to saying one is close enough to see the smoke of a volcano. It’s close, but not that close. However, we currently have a number of friends who are closer to it, and waiting to see if they have to evacuate their homes.

We were lucky here last summer with only one big fire, but with these two, well…

Please, those of you who are religious? Pray for the people that might be affected. Those who aren’t? Hope.

To end on a slightly brighter note, the temperature tomorrow is supposed to be between 80 and 90.

I’ve lived my entire life in Alaska.

I’m going to feel like a polar bear in the Sahara.

Lucky I have writing to keep my mind off the heat.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for prayers and hope.


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