Aramarian Old Tongue

I’ve been working on a language for a world I’m creating. I’m still not sure whether the world will be for roleplay, writing, or both. The language is sort of their equivalent (as far as importance goes) of Latin and Quenya.

I’m not going to go into the linguistic rules yet (because they’re overly detaile and I don’t have a lot of time right now), but here are a few words and phrases.


One who is gifted with luck (a lucky person): na’ärukhyebha’el

Luck of Heroes (essentially, a mix of ‘Good luck’ and ‘Fare thee well’): aeho ë ärukhyebha

Blade: tebha

Moon: sukyö

Child: rhäned

Hello/Goodbya: sielan (say shell-awn)

Die (the item): pelel

Dice: peleli

Wood/forest: yudar

Town: anie

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