So, one of my current projects is a story set fifty million years from now, after the pretty-much-total extinction of humanity. I’ve also got two stories set later- one 200 years after, one 1200 years after. Bonus points if you can figure out the original words to this ‘ancient chant’:

So shisiz etale asar castuays,
Shere earsor alongong time.
Shale aph tmake she bes tus shinks,
It sona pill clime.

Zephyrst madanis Skipper u
Wildu sherseri best,
Tmake sheu sherscoms terble
Inshirtro picai lanest.

Nophone, nolites, nomoderkar,
Nodis inkleukh zhury
Ly Crobinson Caruso
Itsprim idise azkanbi.

Sojone usere ichwi kmyphrens,
Yoreshur toket asmile,
Fromses enstran dedcas taways
Hiron killkan zisle!

Seriously, if I hadn’t (re)written it I might not understand it. Hint: It’s a theme song from an old TV show.

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