An excerpt from my Science Fiction novel.

This is a scene from the first chapter. There’s a prologue that tells what caused the crash.

The eighteen-year-old stood once more at the crash site. He hadn’t been here since the crash, six years earlier. He hadn’t changed much since then. He was still wiry, and wore his shaggy red hair at medium length. He’d grown a little bit taller, and slightly more muscled due to his practice of a self-formulated style of martial arts. Otherwise, Keneth was basically the same as he had been that day, six years earlier.

All that remained of the crash was the plowed-up bit of ancient stone, the wrecked speeder itself now covered with the faintly luminescent blue-gray moss that was found all over the underlevels. As Keneth stood there, he heard a faint scratching noise. Whirling around, he saw a caped and hooded figure behind him. The figure threw something at him. Catching it, Keneth looked. It was a laserfoil.

“Wha-?” Keneth began, but just then his opponent activated a laserfoil of his own. Fft-zzzz! A grayish-silver blade sprang from the black hilt. Keneth, eyes widening, activated his brown-hilted laserfoil, and marveled at the turquoise blade. But he didn’t have much time to do so, for his opponent came rushing at him. It was only by sheer luck that the still-startled teen blocked his enemy’s blade, but he soon managed to stand on his own in the fight- barely. He managed to translate some of his martial arts style into blade movements, as well as getting in a few kicks here and there. Still, he was mostly holding on by luck alone. But he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

The silent opponent jerked thrice in quick succession. Three metal spikes had struck home. As Keneth’s left hand swung left and completed the swing, he knocked the opponent off his feet by swinging his left leg into the backs of his opponent’s knees. Meanwhile, Keneth had been defending himself, but now he took the laserfoil- and sliced. He then fell to the ground, retching. When he had recovered, he stood and took his new blade with him as he returned shakily to his speeder and flew away.

I’m currently trying to work out a title for the story. Any ideas are appreciated; just put them in a comment.

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